Claire is a violinist, vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, actor, and advocate originally from North Dakota and based in Queens, NY. She leads the ghost folk band Youth in a Roman Field, which released their second album, Storm Conductor, produced with Grammy-award-winning producer Stewart Lerman last Spring. Their music has been featured in theatre, webseries, and video projects including episodes of Matching Pursuit and The Dreamers. Click here for upcoming shows. 

Claire has worked as an arranger, writer, and performer on records from Stuart Ward, The July, Goldie Haunt, Behaviorist, Erik & Jessie, Gabe Liebowitz, Mount Hudson, Allen Tate, Jeff Yoder, Tom West, Charging Moose Media, Feathered Mason, Ben Magnuson & The Fret Knots, and Albert. She contributed strings to the short films ‘Between The Pines’ (Emma Bell) 'Kitchen' (Dani Bryant, Patrick Holland, Mary Hollis-Inboden) and the upcoming documentary 'Trans-Pecos' (Muse Light Music NYC). She composed the music for the play Accidentally Brave, which is currently running at the DR2 Theatre in NYC. She has also composed in collaboration with dancers and choreographers, including for 'Open Forum' with Mimesis Theatre Company and 'Simone,' choreographed by Katie Spelman, in celebration of Agnes deMille at the SDC's George Abbott Awards Ceremony. Her music has been featured as part of art installations and exhibits, including at the Sweet Pass Sculpture Park in Dallas, TX.

She is a member of the Brooklyn-based rock band San Fermin and has contributed to the bands Glad FannyAlbert, 2/3 Goat, and The Jamie Elman Trio, which performs every monday night at The Varnish in Los Angeles. She has toured with Delta Rae and Once The Musical, in which she also performed on Broadway. She sits in with a handful of bands in the NYC area, frequently performing with Nikkie & The RevivalsHaunting RenditionsApartment Sessions, Behaviorist, and Kill The Whale.

Full San Fermin Tour Dates Here.